About Our Construction Company

KamBau is a newly established Luxembourg construction company, which has inherited the 20 years of experience in construction management of its founder – Aleksandar Kamishev.

We offer a range of services– from building a completely new house to small handyman services.

When creating this company, we took into account everything that frustrates us or our friends when dealing with contractors. Our main goal is to put in one place all the services that you would need to avoid the stress caused by every small dysfunction in your home. 

We are not afraid to take on small projects. And our main goal is to build happiness!

What We Do:


Are you ready for your new home? We are ready to build it.


When you enter your new home the most natural thing is to want to put your personal touch in it or just make it better suited to your needs.

We are here to help you throughout the process of planning, designing and execution of your renovation project.

KamBau executes concrete and masonry; tile work; painting; drywall and plastering and any other work that may be related to your renovation project.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.


Whenever you wish to transform your garden into a summer paradise or simply make it a better place for relaxation, you can rely on us – from the design and 3D visualization to the execution of every bright idea.


We offer our clients a free 3D visualization of the projects they want us to execute. This can be a landscaping project, bathroom renovation or renovation of an entire house/apartment.

Minor repair works

We know how difficult it is to find a contractor who can respond to small repairs and within a reasonable time. So we can say it loudly and stand behind it: We are not afraid to undertake small projects. If you do not believe – call us.

Handyman services

So you need someone to take care of an annoying but necessary work – repainting a wall, fixing some broken things or assembling new furniture, collecting leaves from the garden. The list can be really long, you know it.

And you have no time for all this, no tools, no possibility or simply no knowledge. Here we are. We offer professional and reliable handyman services to take care of all your needs. Just click to book an appointment and select the type of service you need. It is so simple.

There is no need to be afraid of overpriced invoices. For handyman services you will pay a fixed 50 euro per hour rate.



No unnecessary phone calls

No long research

No waiting time

No wasting time

Give you liberty


Give you time

No wasting money



Save you money

No stress


Give you satisfaction


Contact Us

8, rue de Limpach, L-3932 Mondercange, Luxembourg